Variable Frequency Drives (EA12) delivers comprehensive coverage of installing, operating and troubleshooting variable frequency drives (VFDs) in motor control circuits. Variable Frequency Drives (EA12) is an add-on to Electric Motors (EA04), covering six additional skills. The skills-based curriculum presents hands-on activities using an industrial-grade Mitsubishi VFD.


Order #16-EA12:
LearnMate® E-learning Content: Variable Frequency Drives (EA12)
Teachers’ Guide
(2) Flexponent® panels:
Panel E067: Variable Frequency Drive (Mitsubishi)
Panel E002: START-STOP Control

(sold separately)

JobMaster® Learning Station Order #10-LS00-0200

Power Control Panel (220V) 3-Phase Order #10-PC06-0000

* International step-down transformer package (Order #10-PC09-0000) required for international applications.

Digital multimeter (Fluke Model 115 or equivalent)

Prerequisite courses:
Electric Motors (EA04) Order #16-EA04

Skills Acquired
Skill 1: Applying VFD Principles
Skill 2: Connecting and Operating a Variable Frequency Drive
Skill 3: Adjusting VFD Operating Parameters
Skill 4: VFD Protection Parameters and Inputs/Outputs
Skill 5: Troubleshooting the VFD
Skill 6: Understanding Additional VFD Features

Hardware Specifications

Panel E067: Variable Frequency Drive
Panel type: Single
1 AC adjustable drive, 115V, 0.5hp,
1 phase in 3 phase out
Panel E002: START-STOP Control
Panel type: Single
1 Switch, pushbutton, momentary, black, NO w/contact block
1 Switch, pushbutton, momentary, red, NC w/contact block
2 Fault switch, 4A, 250V, push-on/push-offmomentary

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