Machine vision will be a critical part of automation systems in Industry 4.0. As data analytics capabilities progress, the high volume of data accessible through vision equipment will be used to identify and flag defective products, understand their deficiencies and enable fast and effective intervention in the Industry 4.0 factory.

Intelitek Machine Vision and Quality Control courses teach the skills essential for success in CTE careers in industry.

With interactive e-learning curriculum featuring both quality lab hardware and simulated virtual labs, students learn to use precision measurement tools, perform inspections and collect data using the Cognex camera and In-Sight Explorer software. Students also learn how these concepts relate to statistical sampling, tolerance and quality control. Machine Vision and Quality Control courses area ideal for any engineering or automated manufacturing program, providing a thorough and engaging element of STEM education.

Machine Vision and Quality Control – Lab

In this course, students acquire skills in the complex functions required for image processing, image analysis and object identification. They gain experience that will enable them to combine a vision system with any manufacturing process for parts inspection and quality control as well as with robotic systems for vision-guided robotic applications. The course uses a Cognex Vision Sensor and Cognex In-Sight Explorer software. The curriculum provides instruction on the use and setup of the Cognex digital color camera and integration of the vision system into quality control and manufacturing processes.

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