For over 30 years, Intelitek has been supporting schools around the world in the implementation of their education programs. Below are a few of the successful implementations of career and technology programs!

Shasta HS CA CTE Intelitek

Shasta High School Introduces advanced FMS program

The team at Shasta upgraded a CNC mill to a full FMS with robotics and much more.

Mechatronics at Orange Technical College in Orlando

Mid Florida State’s mechatronics program is sponsored by local industry to support jobs in the region.

SNPP and SINAFOCAL Advanced Technical Training

Paraguay transforms its teaching methodologies to create a competitive labor force

Corona High School – PLTW engineering program

Program designed to set the students up to go directly into the manufacturing field or to a 4 year college in engineering or manufacturing.

Milford High School Applied Technology Center (ATC)

High school program opens up opportunities for students by integrating engineering and machine tool pathways!

WSWHE BOCES and SUNY-Adirondack Community College

A public-private partnership fills the industry need for skilled graduates!

Purdue College of Technology Kokomo

Extra-curricular robotics challenge with easyC enhances cross-disciplinary curriculum!

High-Tech Centre at ENSP, Cameroon

An advanced educational facility at Ecole Nationale Superieure Polytechnique in Yaounde, Cameroon, delivers comprehensive engineering and manufacturing education!

Bringing Robotic Studies to Paraguay with CoderZ

Sinafocal – A Case Study in Transformational Education Solutions for Students and Instructors

Trinity High School Advanced Competitive Science

Trinity High School improves student outcomes by adding a competitive robotics element to an advanced science and physics class.

Carrollton High School STEM

Carrollton integrates innovative teaching strategies, technology and professional development in a truly pioneering STEM program.

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