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Career & Technology Education

CNC MachiningDatasheetWeb pageVideo
CNC Machining: ProRouterDatasheetWeb page
CNC Machining: Plasma Cutter ProDatasheet
CNC Machine: BenchMill 6000Curriculum Datasheet
Hardware Datasheet
Web page
Web page
CNC Machine: BenchTurn 7000Curriculum Datasheet
Hardware Datasheet
Web page
Web page
CNC Machine: ProMill 8000Curriculum Datasheet
Hardware Datasheet
Web page
Web page
CNC Machine: ProTurn 9000 CNCCurriculum Datasheet
Hardware Datasheet
Web page
Web page
CNC Software: CNCBase/CNCMotion Control /SimulationDatasheetWeb pageWeb pageVideo
CNC Software: SpectraCAD/SpectraCAM for Milling and Turning DatasheetWeb page
Rapid PrototypingDatasheetWeb page
RoboticsCatalogWeb page
Robotics H/W Scorbot ER4UDatasheetWeb page
Robotics H/W MotoMan MHJFDatasheetWeb page
Robotics H/W MotoMan GP8DatasheetWeb page
Robotics H/W MotoMan MotoMiniDatasheetWeb page
Robotics H/W MotoMan HC10DT Collaborative RobotDatasheetWeb page
Robotics Software (Scorbase and Robocell)DatasheetWeb page
Robotics Simulation Software (MotoSIM)DatasheetWeb page
Robotics Simulation with Hardware (MotoSIM Touch)DatasheetWeb page
MotoMan MHJF Educational CartDatasheetWeb page
MotoMan GP8 Educational CartDatasheetWeb page
MotoMan MotoMini Educational CartDatasheetWeb page
Robotics Fundamentals and Advanced RoboticsDatasheetWeb page
Web page
Robotics and Materials Handling I & II (ER4U)DatasheetWeb pageWeb page
Robotics Welding TechnologyDatasheetWeb page
Foundation SkillsDatasheet
Web page
Employability eContentDatasheet
Web page
Safety FundamentalsDatasheet
Plastics Technology and Thermoforming eContentDatasheet
Web page
CIM and FMS SolutionsDatasheetWeb pageVideo
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)DatasheetWeb page
Flexible Manufacturing Systesm (FMS)DatasheetWeb page
Industrial MaintenanceCatalog
JobMaster – Industrial MaintenanceDatasheetWeb pageVideo
JobMaster – Basic ElectricityDatasheetWeb page
JobMaster – Motor ControlDatasheetWeb page
JobMaster – Industrial PowerDatasheetWeb page
JobMaster – Mechanical SeriesDatasheetWeb page
JobMaster – Maintenance Cell JM-1600DatasheetWeb page
JobMaster – Electrical Control ElectronicsDatasheetWeb page
JobMaster Training Station (JMTS)Datasheet
Spanish Datasheet
Web page
Hydraulics TrainingDatasheetWeb page
Pneumatics TrainingDatasheetWeb page
PLC TrainingDatasheetWeb page
Machine Vision with CognexDatasheetWeb page
Mechanical Measurement and Quality Control eContentDatasheetWeb page
Process ControlCatalog
NanoMax Multivariate TrainerDatasheetWeb pageVideo
NanoMax Desktop Process Control TrainersDatasheet
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Refrigeration and Airconditioning TrainerDatasheet
Spanish Datasheet
LearnMateDatasheetWeb page

STEM Education

STEM Pathways
Introduction to STEM Pathways DatasheetWeb page
STEM PathwaysDatasheetWeb page
Introduction to EngineeringDatasheetWeb pageVideo
Introduction to Advanced ManufacturingDatasheetWeb page
Introduction to 3D PrintingComing Soon
STEM Robotics
Robotics Engineering CurriculumDatasheet
Web page
Intro to Competitive RoboticsDatasheetWeb page
Exploring RoboticsDatasheetWeb page
Mechatronics with LabViewDatasheetWeb page
EasyC Robotics SoftwareDatasheetWeb pageVideo
CoderZ BrochureDatasheetWeb pageVideo
CoderZ Coding Robots CourseDatasheet
Spanish Datasheet
Web page
CoderZ Cyber Robotics 101 CourseDatasheetWeb page

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