EA01B: Resistors and Conductors features skills-based curriculum and hands-on activities with industrial-grade components. Students learn to measure resistance when troubleshooting circuits and testing components, a necessity for accomplished technicians.

EA01B: Resistors and Conductors delivers the skills needed for success in industrial maintenance careers, including:

Measuring resistance
Calculating and measuring wire size
Determining losses in a wire
Drawing resistor symbols


Flexponent panels:
E042: Resistance Panel

(sold separately)

JobMaster® Learning Station
Power Control Panel: PC04 (120V)
Digital Multimeter (Fluke Model 115 or equivalent)
Each JobMaster® module includes the listed hardware and panels to add to your JobMaster® Training station, as well as skills-based curriculum.

Skills Acquired

Skill 1: Measuring Resistance
Skill 2: Measuring Resistance in Series Circuits
Skill 3: Measuring Resistance in Parallel Circuits
Skill 4: Drawing and Reading Resistor Symbols
Skill 5: Testing an Adjustable Resistor
Skill 6: Measuring Wire Size
Skill 7: Applying Resistance and Wire Size
Skill 8: Calculating Wire Size
Skill 9: Determining Losses in a Conductor

Panel & Hardware Specifications
All included Flexponent® panels meet the following specifications:

3/8″” (9.5 mm) thick environmentally stabilized, chemically resistant,
non-conductive, high density polyethylene.

Terminal strips Industry-standard recessed and insulated fasteners rated for
50-amps at 600 volts.

Dimensions Single panel:
8″”W x 11.5″”H x 0.375″”D
(203 mm x 292 mm x 9.525 mm)
Double-wide 16″”W x 11.5″”H x 0.375″”D
(406 mm x 292 mm x 9.525 mm

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