The Bearing Service Cart (ME13) is a stand-alone mobile work space for installing, removing and servicing plain and roller bearings.


Bearing Installation and Service presents the working principles of bearings the most effective way: using the same industrial-strength components used in factory environments. Students learn the principles of proper bearing service and work with a bearing packer, bearing pullers, an arbor press, grease gun and various bearing types.


Order #16-ME13:
LearnMate® E-learning Content: Bearing Service Cart (ME13)
Teachers’ Guide
Installation guide
Bearing service cart mobile training station

Two-student add-on Order #10-ME13
(factory hardware-only option)

(sold separately)

JobMaster® Learning Station Order #10-LS00-0200

Power Control Panel (120V): Order #10-PC04-0000

* International step-down transformer package (Order #10-PC09-0000) required for international applications.

Prerequisite courses
Single-phase and Three-phase Power Supplies (EB02B)

Order #16-EB02B

Mechanical construction:
Frame size : 36″ X 28.5″ X 48″
(914mm x 724mm x 1219mm)


Weight: Single-sided: 200 lbs. (91 kg.)

Double sided: 275 lbs. (125 kg.)
1.5′ (38mm) square anodized slotted aluminum frame
1/4′ (6.35 mm) aluminum top mounting plate
1/4′ (6.35 mm) aluminum slide-out shelves with full-length ball-bearing slides and threaded fasteners for secure component storage

Full swiveling and locking casters

Drawer Full-suspension ball bearing slides

Interior dimensions: 6″ x 12″ x 16″
(152 mm x 305 mm x 406 mm)

Power requirements:
USA: 120 VAC (+5%/-10%), 50-60 Hz, 10A
International: 240 VAC (+5%/-10%), 50-60 Hz, 8A

* International step-down transformer package (Order #10-PC09-0000) required for international applications.


Oscilloscope (EB01A)
DC Power Supplies (EB02A)
Electronic Timers (EB04)
Stepper Motor Drives (EB05)
Servo Motor Drives (EB06)
Optoelectronics (EB07)
Digital Multimeter (EB01B)
Hand-held Oscilloscope (EB01C)
Single-phase & Three-phase Power Supplies (EB02B)

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