Industry 4.0 is changing manufacturing and industry. The challenge educators have, is to deliver the right workforce with the right skill set to fill Industry 4.0 jobs. Today’s workforce needs to be a savvy, multi-disciplinary, more skilled workforce. The manufacturing worker needs a broader technology skill set and systems integration understanding, combined with interpersonal and communication skills to contribute to the growth of manufacturing.

What is Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the next iteration in the development of modern industry. Starting with the introduction of the Steam engine in the late 1800’s, to the production line and the computer, industry has progressed and changed society. Industry 4.0 is a game changer for manufacturing. Industry 4.0 takes advantage of the latest advances in technology including advanced internet communications capabilities, data science and big data, Internet of things, additive manufacturing and automation/integration. Industry upgrading to Industry 4.0 can benefit from on these new capabilities changing the face of manufacturing and creating economic opportunity.

Industry has stepped up, but the biggest hurdle is the need for properly trained, skilled, system savvy workers in fields schools have not typically addressed. Maintenance technicians need to understand networking, operators need to read data analysis reports, specialists need to be multi-disciplinary specialists.

Intelitek and our industry partners are stepping up to deliver state-of-the-art training solutions for Industry 4.0. By augmenting skills training, introducing new areas of study specific to Industry 4.0 and integrating these into comprehensive programs, schools from high school to post secondary level can introduce advanced industry 4.0 training with industry certifications.

Industry 4.0 from Intelitek

Training Platforms


Industry 4.0 Classroom

Hands-on Real Industrial Trainers
for Educational Programs

Standalone, small integrated platforms or full scale manufacturing trainers are offered by Intelitek to upgrade or start a new Industry 4.0 manufacturing training program. Integrating state-of-the-art technology, the systems teach core skills as well as integration, networking and system software components.

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Curriculum & E-Learning


Industry 4.0 Curriculum

New courseware addresses new skills specific to Industry 4.0 to broaden learning experience

The new technologies that enable Industry 4.0 are not typically taught in legacy programs. Networking, Data Science, Integration, IIoT to name a few, together with courseware focusing on system integration, system management and system maintenance are available.

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Industry 4.0 Certification

Micro-credentials and Student Certification provide validation of skills

Aligned with emerging ARM blueprint for Industry 4.0 Training Certification and in partnership with state and industry training leaders, Intelitek offer the content and framework for Industry 4.0 Certification.

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Cognex Logo Intelitek Partner
ARM Advanced Robotics in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 Partners

Partnered with industry leaders, Industry vendors, education and institutions

Industry 4.0 is a collaborative technology and working with industry stewards like ARM, leading vendors like Yaskawa, Cognex, Siemens and more, manufacturers, state and government, and of course, educational institutions is key to a successful training solution.

Industry 4.0 Certification

Industry 4.0 Certification is the end-goal of many schools, states and education partners. The most developed plan for Industry 4.0 certification is led by ARM (Advanced Robotics in Manufacturing) who, together with industry, are defining a blueprint framework for certification. Intelitek iCert 4.0 is aligned with the ARM blueprint.

Education 4.0?

The emergence of the internet and the rapid pace of change in all fields especially in industry has changed the way educators need to approach training. This pedagogic white paper addressed the changes in industry with the introduction of Industry 4.0 and what that means for education.

Industry 4.0 Training In Action:

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