The Thermoforming Center is a mobile and compact training unit that emulates the kinds of plastic thermoforming performed in industrial environments.

Thermoforming Center is a compact training unit that enables a variety of plastic thermoforming processes, such as vacuum forming; free dome blowing; plastic welding; plastic dip coating; injection molding and extrusion.

Students grasp how low tooling costs, short tooling lead times and great versatility make plastic thermoforming suitable for a variety of applications, such as handling trays and bins, cases and storage units, packaging and electronics housings and display panels.

The Plastic Technology training system gives a unique opportunity to observe and study the
resulting effects when materials and processes are combined to create plastic parts.

Operational & Safety Features

The thermoforming unit is capable of six different plastic forming processes:
  • Vacuum forming
  • Free dome blowing
  • Plastic welding
  • Plastic dip coating
  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion.
Four additional processes can be performed using the oven and press: press forming, plastic memory demonstrations,general sheet heating, annealing plastics or metals up to (typically) 660ºF (350ºC). POWER REQUIREMENTS: 208-220V / 60Hz 220-240V / 50Hz

Available Curriculum

In Plastics Technology students gain practical experience in six different plastic forming processes:

Twin Sheet Forming
Vacuum Forming
Cast Acrylic and PVC
Dome Blowing
Nylon and Dip Coating
Dip Coating

Course outline:

Activity 1: Introduction to Plastics
Activity 2: Polymers
Activity 3: Thermoforming and Safety
Activity 4: Thermoforming Hardware
Activity 5: Extrusion and Polystyrene
Activity 6: Injection Molding and Polyethylene
Activity 7: Polypropylene and Plastic Welding
Activity 8: Methods of Plastic Welding
Activity 9: Vacuum Forming and Twin Sheet Forming
Activity 10: Vacuum Forming
Activity 11: Cast Acrylic and PVC
Activity 12: Dome Blowing
Activity 13: Nylon and Dip Coating
Activity 14: Dip Coating
Activity 15: The Plastics Industry
Activity 16: Plastic Recycling and Resource Conservation

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