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LearnMate is an advanced tool that delivers curriculum using multiple instructional strategies in a responsive and proactive environment for differentiated instruction

Intelitek’s LearnMate® e-learning platform provides revolutionary tools for transforming classrooms into engaging and proactive learning environments. The LearnMate learning management system (LMS) frees teachers to focus on teaching by automating time-consuming classroom administration and enabling real-time assessment of student progress. With over 2,500 hours of content, LearnMate delivers concepts through interactive curriculum, relevant activities and multiple instructional strategies.

  • Meets the diverse needs of middle schools, high schools, community colleges, universities and industrial training programs
  • Global solution supports 75+ languages
  • Comprehensive e-learning library for STEM, career and technology topics
  • Combines interactive simulation with world- class hardware to create exciting scenarios that immerse students
  • Tools for classroom management and administrative tasks
  • Enables mapping to educational standards and competencies
  • Ability to create and author customized content

LearnMate value:

Consistent Delivery

Uniformly implement programs across classrooms, schools, districts and states.

Classroom Management

Automate time-consuming tasks like student enrollment and grading, so that you can focus on the students.

Engaging Blended Learning

Connect with students through rich, interactive content with relevant applications.

Robust reporting

Track and report your program’s progress and validate the achievement of tangible, quantifiable goals, including student progress, standards mapping and student outcomes .

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Curriculum

E-learning solutions designed for instructors with diverse teaching strategies and all levels of training.


LearnMate Features

    • Delivers consistent content across single or multiple classes
    • Creates media-rich, interactive content
    • Directs activity and project-based learning
    • Enhances learning with authentic activities and scenarios
    • Incorporates multiple instructional strategies
    • Virtual 3D software applications used in Intelitek courses like RoboCell® and CNCMotion® can be launched directly from course
    • Deliver SCORM-compliant and AICC-compliant content
    • Runs on all popular browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome
    • In addition to online courses, LearnMate® includes:
      • Assessments
      • Assignments (offline and online)
      • Web, HTML and text pages
      • Files for downloading or online viewing
      • Certificates
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