Electromagnetic Motor Starters (EA07) guides students through hands-on activities using industrial motor controls. From wiring motor control circuits to troubleshooting, students gain practical experience in all aspects of industrial motor control, including testing and resetting
overload protection, operating a three-phase reversing starter and troubleshooting a three-phase motor control circuit.

The skills-based curriculum presents eight critical skills using industrial magnetic starters, relays, and START-STOP motor control components mounted on six included Flexponent™ panels which attach to the JobMaster Learning Station (not included). Panels are easily added and exchanged allowing the workspace to be re-configured as multiple students progress through the course. Core concepts are taught through self-paced e-learning curriculum. All the necessary resources, including printable instructions, wiring diagrams and troubleshooting charts, are available online, ready for use at the JobMaster Learning Station. Instructors are also provided comprehensive resources, including a detailed instructors’ guide. Teachers’ versions of schematics and wiring diagrams as well as tips and tricks are all one click away.

With JobMaster, you can be sure your training program will deliver the skills needed for success in automated manufacturing careers!


Materials Included
Order #14-EA07:
Electromagnetic Motor Starters (EA07) E-Learning
Curriculum and Teachers’ Guide
Flexponent‚Ñ¢ panels:
E002 START-STOP Control Panel
E004 Single Magnetic Starter Panel
E006 Reversing Magnetic Starter Panel
E010 Three-Phase Motor Panel
E012 Transformer Panel
E016 Analog Relay Panel
E154 Lamps and Switches Panel
E155 HOA Switch Panel

(sold separately)
JobMaster‚Ñ¢ Learning Station Order #10-LS00-0200
Power Control Panel (220V) 3-Phase Order #10-PC06-0000
DMM (Fluke Model 115 or equivalent)

Skills Acquired

Skill 1 Connecting a Control Relay Seal-In Circuit
Skill 2 Connecting, Adjusting, And Operating a Single Magnetic Starter
Skill 3 Testing and Resetting Overload Protection
Skill 4 Connecting, Adjusting, and Operating a Three-phase Reversing Starter
Skill 5 Connecting and Operating a Magnetic Starter
for Jogging
Skill 6 Troubleshooting a Three-phase Motor Control Circuit
Skill 7 Troubleshooting a Reversing Three-phase Motor Control Circuit
Skill 8 Performing Preventive Maintenance on
Magnetic Starters

Panel & Hardware Specifications
All included Flexponent® panels meet the following specifications:

3/8″” (9.5 mm) thick environmentally stabilized, chemically resistant, non-conductive, high density polyethylene.

Terminal strips Industry-standard recessed and insulated fasteners rated for 50-amps at 600 volts.

Single panel:
8″”W x 11.5″”H x 0.375″”D
(203 mm x 292 mm x 9.525 mm)
16″”W x 11.5″”H x 0.375″”D
(406 mm x 292 mm x 9.525 mm

Electric Motors (EA04)
Pilot Devices (EA09)
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) (EA12)

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