For three decades, Intelitek has inspired students to pursue engineering. Our robust engineering program motivates students, empowers instructors and supports administrators in the quest to equip students with career- and college-ready skills and the desire to use such skills to improve the world around them.

Our solutions are perfect for high schools, community colleges, universities and industrial training. Whether you are building a program from the ground up, adding to an existing program or supplementing career training, we have solutions that will meet your needs. We also provide unmatched service including lab design, installation, training and technical support.

Intelitek’s engineering program brings students in touch with the field of engineering, inspiring appreciation for the benefits engineering brings to society and generating excitement for engineering as a rewarding career.

Intelitek’s programs feature innovative content, classroom management technology, quality lab hardware, along with assessments and professional development. Assembled into a comprehensive program, these features truly transform the classroom.

Harness the power of our programs to produce superior outcomes for your students!

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