Fasteners play a key role in countless industries. Mechanical Fasteners (BA04) features skills-based curriculum delivered through LearnMate®, Intelitek’s innovative e-learning platform. Through virtual and hands-on activities, students identify and work with the many types of fasteners used in industrial environments. JobMaster® trainees can be confident they will possess the skills needed for success in automated manufacturing careers!

Optional: Mechanical Fasteners (BA04) Content Kit Part # BA04

Skills Acquired

Skill 1: Identifying Screws and Bolts Skill 2: Selecting Threaded Fasteners
Skill 3: Applying Thread Standards
Skill 4: Creating and Repairing Threads
Skill 5: Identifying Nuts
Skill 6: Installing Fasteners with a Torque Wrench
Skill 7: Removing Fasteners with a Bolt Extractor
Skill 8: Identifying Washers
Skill 9: Installing Rivets
Skill 10: Selecting Adhesives
Skill 11: Attaching Hook and Loop Fasteners
Skill 12: Connecting Cable Ties

(Optional – not included)

BA04 Hardware-only package Part #BA04-1000
Tap and die set
Thread gauge
Torque wrench, adjustable
Bolt extractor
Rivet gun
Cap Screw Assortment

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