Create, Deliver and Track Secure Online Assessments

A robust assessment delivery platform:

    • Create, deliver and track computer-based assessments
    • Evaluate level of student understanding and pinpoint skills gaps
    • Establish any portion of content as an assessment
    • Supports a secure assessment environment:
      • Password protection
      • Limiting of assessment-taking to a specific IP
      • Shuffling of questions and answers
    • Multiple question types including:
      • Calculated
      • Essay
      • Hotspot
      • Matching and Ordering
      • Multiple choice
      • True/False
    • Optional feedback for correct or incorrect responses.
    • Use of all types of media in question stems, responses and feedback.

Scalable accountability

    • School System Solution – Track data with aggregated reporting on student outcomes, competencies, and learning gaps at multiple levels: school, district, county or state
    • Compliance – Provide valid record of learning with certifications
    • Standards Mapping – Map student and school performance to local, state and national standards
  • A proven solution for career and technical education assessment
"The Workforce-Ready System assessments run in LearnMate, and it is a great system. The real-time reporting lets you benchmark your program. You can get aggregated reports for administrators. You see the students’ scores, the course average, the school average, the state average. So you can compare how your students are doing in whatever assessment you choose against the students in your district and state."
Tim Lawrence
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