Safety is one of the most important aspects of an industrial training program. Lockout/tagout procedures are critical in creating a safe work environment. Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) delivers skills-based curriculum meeting OSHA requirements through LearnMate®, Intelitek’s innovative e-learning platform. Through virtual and hands-on activities, students learn all aspects of lockout/tagout procedures in industrial environments.

Through interactive activities, delivered entirely online, students learn about lockout devices, conducting energy control analyses, performing lockout/tagout and more.

Core concepts are taught through self-paced e-learning curriculum. All the necessary resources, including printable instructions, are available online, ready for use in the classroom.

JobMaster® trainees can be confident they will possess the skills needed for success in automated manufacturing careers!

Course Outline

    • Acquiring Lockout/Tagout Basics
    • Attaching Lockout Devices
    • Completing and Attaching Tagout Devices
    • Conducting an Energy Control Analysis
    • Performing Lockout/Tagout
    • Performing Lockout/Tagout Release

Data Sheet

Click here to download a pdf data sheet.


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