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Please provide the following information in order to help ensure an on-time delivery of LearnMate.

If we have to contact you to correct any details, that may result in a delay preparing the site.

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This is the purchase order # from the School / Institution to the Intelitek Dealer.
LearnMate Website Information:
Please provide a subdomain, which will be used to access your LearnMate site.
The format of the complete web address needs to be http://subdomain.intelitek.com.
If no subdomain is submitted, one will be provided for you similar to examples shown below.
Please choose a subdomain address carefully, because once the site is set up the address cannot be modified.
Examples: Springfield-HS, SpringfieldHigh, SpringfieldSchool
Please do not use characters such as { } | ^ ~ [ ] ` ; / ? : @ = & and .
Please provide a link to a logo for the school/institution.
This image will be used as the main logo on your LearnMate site. If no file is attached a default Intelitek logo will be displayed. Required Size: 320px (wide) by 75px (high)
A logo file can also be provided at a later date.
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LearnMate Installation Type
Site Manager Contact Information:
The Site Manager is the school personnel responsible for managing the LearnMate site.
If this is a district installation of LearnMate, please provide the district managers information.
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Important Information for New Customers
New customers ordering LearnMate should be aware of the following:
• The site activation date is also the start of the customer's hosting contract, which must be renewed annually.
• The LearnMate Help Center is available online with useful guides and tutorials. On-site LearnMate training can be purchased through your local dealer or an Intelitek Sales Representative.
• Local networks should be configured to allow emails from our servers to avoid mail being undelivered or sent to SPAM folders.
• Local client machines accessing LearnMate should be running Windows XP or newer and have a minimum of 5 GB free disk space, a 1MB/s internet connection speed and a recommended 1GB of RAM. Intelitek does not offer Mac support.
• Supported web browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. These should not be running in "compatibility mode for old sites". For more information, click here
• LearnMate accesses external resources from YouTube, Wikipedia, intelitekdownloads.com, helpcenter.intelitek.com and newlic.intelitek.com. Firewalls should be configured to allow access to these resources.
• Some Intelitek curriculum requires software that needs to be installed and licensed on Windows-client computers. The licensing process is handled by our LearnMate Agent while browsing content. As a Local Computer Administrator install the LearnMate Agent and any other relevant software, which is also available at Intelitek’s download site if needed. After installation please ensure that a local standard/limited Windows account can successfully launch the software without error on your client computers, from the launch links within LearnMate and not only the desktop shortcuts
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