Students using CoderZ™ can learn how to code virtual or real robots using a step-by-step curriculum. CoderZ teaches students to become skilled programmers for robotics – understanding the basic and advanced coding principles and technological systems. The curriculum is suitable for all levels, even absolute beginners who will use the Blockly code editor. More experienced students can use real java code. CoderZ is a complete educational platform with tutorials, curriculum, and lessons. It has been built to offer a supportive teaching structure. Educators can benefit from dedicated support and live webinars. By using a web-based 3D simulator CoderZ is the most affordable way to bring robotics and coding to everyone.

Learning to code robots is fun with coderz


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Key Features

  • Accessible through a web browser (cloud service)
  • Integrated 3D Simulation (Unity physics engine)
  • Multiple robot models
  • Multiple simulation environments (Scenes)
  • Integrated compiler/downloaders for Multiple robotics platforms
  • Dual code editor
  • Blockly based Visual editor with Java code preview
  • Java/ C++ textual code editor (IDE)
  • Integrated with content
  • Tutorials
  • Challenges
  • Curriculum
  • Classroom management
  • Unlimited classes
  • Easy student enrollment
  • Project submission
  • Project feedback
  • Student and class statistic
  • Knowledge center

Why Robotics Programming

Robotics programming offers a fun and engaging way to acquire 21st century skills. CoderZ students are learning the basics of coding and robotics programming, and by that improve their logic and mathematical thinking, develop their problem-solving skills and constantly boost their creativity.

Robotics STEM education gets the kids trained for the future workplaces and provides them with the necessary skill-sets required in various STEM jobs.

Robotics STEM education is easier, affordable and accessible with CoderZ!

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