Pigging System General Description

Pig launchers and receivers are commonly used in the upstream Oil and Gas industry for periodic cleaning of pipelines carrying crude oil, natural gas and water from oil wells.

A pig is a bullet shaped object which fits inside the pipeline. The pig launcher launches the pig into the pipeline and the upstream pressure pushes the pig to other end of the pipeline where it is received by the pig receiver.

The arrangement for pig launchers and receivers are usually the same, except for a difference in the ‘kicker line’ position between launchers and receivers. The Pigging System is a scaled-down process pilot system, allowing trainees to explore the Operational and Maintenance (O&M) of oil production equipment.

The Pigging System demonstrates all the pigging operation and working principles. In order to demonstrate the pigging process in a way similar to the real process dynamic, a 4” piping schedule pipe is used. “Bandlock” enclosures are included in both the Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver. The entire pressurized vessel (Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver) is designed to follow the industrial ASME standard guidelines with “U” stamping. The pigging process skid offers all the standard safety features used in the Oil and Gas industry.

The Pigging System comes with three (3) different designs. Each of the designs applies a different length of the piping and contribute different pressure drops along the piping while utilizing a different floor space.

  1. Process Skid Platform
  2. Water Storage Tank
  3. Feed Water Pump
  4. Pig Launcher
  5. Pig Receiver
  6. Local Control Panel (LCP) 
  7. Fault Simulation Module (FSM)
  8. Local Control System and SCADA System
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